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Nephroceuticals Company Overview


ProRenal multivitamins are specially designed by kidney doctors to provide selective nutrient supplementation appropriate for chronic kidney disease patients.


Cardiamin is the only doctor formulated multivitamin with 1000 IU Vitamin D and an unprecedented 1000 mg
Omega-3 for supporting heart health.

  • John Wigneswaran, MD

In treating my own patients over the years, I have realized that nutrition plays an essential role in supporting kidney and heart health, so supplementing patients who are nutritionally deficient can be important to their overall health.

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Nephroceuticals was formed in 2008 from the clinical realization that people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and Heart Disease have specific nutritional needs that are not being addressed by current available nutritional supplements.

We formulated ProRenal and Cardiamin to finally address the lack of reliable kidney supplements and heart health supplements available in the market today.

In line with the nutritional premise on which Nephroceuticals is built, several national renal and cardiac organizations increasingly believe the lack of clinical intervention and nutritional focus in kidney disease and heart disease is a missed opportunity to help patients. It is best exemplified by the National Kidney Foundation’s KDOQI (Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative) Executive Summary, as well as its KEEP (Kidney Early Evaluation Program) program, where there is significant emphasis on dietary modification as an important therapeutic strategy. Additionally, both the American Heart Association and the Heart Failure Society of America place specific emphasis on the importance of good nutrition and multivitamin use in supporting nutritional health.

Our mission is to educate people with chronic kidney disease and heart disease about the important role supplementation can play in treating chronic conditions. Nephroceuticals provides information and products that make it easy to find exactly what patients need to support their kidney health and heart health.

A Message from Dr. Wigneswaran

When treating patients with complex medical problems, like those who have kidney or heart disease, you begin to realize that the simple things most physicians ignore can make the largest impact in improving health. As a Nephrologist and specialist in Congestive Heart Failure, I was accustomed to prescribing countless medications while placing less emphasis on the importance of diet and nutrition. It is simply the way healthcare is practiced in our country where everything is oriented to quickest and latest fix.

Many patients with conditions such as chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease DO become deficient in key micronutrients that can be resolved with proper supplementation and education. As I treated my own patients, I realized they faced a maze of information and vitamin choices that were confusing to me as well as my patients, yet the majority of available products available were often incorrectly dosed or even contained ingredients that could be harmful. I felt compelled to do something for my patients, so I formed world-class physician advisory boards to formulate products the right way, based on a comprehensive review of the current evidence and guidelines put forth by leading medical associations, such as the National Kidney Foundation, the American Heart Association, the Endocrine Society and the Institute of Medicine among others. Ultimately, I founded a company to provide access to supplements that physicians can confidently recommend to patients with chronic diseases. Supplementation is not for everyone – however if you are a patient with kidney or heart disease, you may in fact benefit from a daily supplement specially formulated to address the most common micronutrient deficiencies while avoiding those ingredients that can in fact be harmful to your condition. Our mission is to educate our patients and customers so they can make the best choices to support their nutritional health.